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Judy, you have at last come into your real talent. Your creativity through all the wonderful varieties of art pieces you create is marvellous. I particularly admire the work you’re doing with alcohol inks. Congratulations.
Sharon Strong - 21 Nov 2022
I am the fortunate owner of 2 of Judy’s paintings -Rapids Ahead and On Gossamer Wings. Judy captures my love of the outdoors in her beautiful paintings. She is so talented, creative. I also have purchased dragonfly sun catchers for my window. I am amazed at all her creations.
May Korobko - 12 Nov 2022
I just bought one of Judy's dolls and I am in LOVE with her whimsy approach. Mine is called Enchantment and she fits in with my steampunk decor. Thanks Judy , keep creating whimsical work!!!
Jani Galarneau - 16 May 2022
Wow, just, wow! You are an amazing artist. I love your alcohol ink pieces and would love to learn how to use that medium.
Dawn Arnold - 25 Oct 2021
What an amazing collection of your works! You're so talented!
Grace Raboud - 3 Mar 2021
You really are amazing, Judy!! Wonderful creations!
Ellen Kempers - 2 Mar 2021
Wow Judy, you have been so busy! Love your bright colours, especially the mosaics. Such creativity.
Tessa Merry - 2 Jan 2021
Love Judy's work! She is a talented artist with several different genres and does incredibly well at everything she creates!
Brian Litwin - 9 Dec 2020
Beautiful work, great imagination Judy. Keep Creating. It’s Wonderful to see all the different details In the dolls. The Paintings really show your talent.
Susan McLeod - 3 Dec 2020
Really love my latest purchase- ‘Wandering the the Skies’! It looks beautiful in my office!!
Helen Litwin - 30 Nov 2020
Great work!! You have come a long way from "My Sister and I"!
Fredda Leiman - 30 Nov 2020
I’ve always loved your Wood Wizards and own at least four myself plus others I bought for gifts. How come no Wood Wizards on your site?? My new favorite are your beautiful, well done dolls. Such great variety, each one with its own imaginative theme. Love being able to view and buy your art on line. Barb
Barb Webb - 29 Nov 2020
Absolutely beautiful, you and Roy stay safe.
Lyn Belzil - 29 Nov 2020
I've always loved your creations, and now you've added this great website to your list of achievements. Congratulations! Now everyone can see your amazing work. Thanks Jude!!
Linda Kershaw - 29 Nov 2020
Such beautiful art with such bright, vibrant colours. Love your creativity and ideas.
Jenny Hill - 29 Nov 2020
Judy's creations are amazing and make people smile!
Irene Mazurenko - 28 Nov 2020
Judy’s work is fabulous! She is so creative and willing to try any medium. Love my ‘Sassy’ doll!!
Helen Litwin - 28 Nov 2020
Judy - I love your work - you are so creative - a true artist! I bought 'Lulu Tutu' for my niece last year and she loves it. I find it amazing how you are able to personify your dolls with layers of expression. Cheers to you - great work!!
Michele Marie Telford - 25 Nov 2020
Judy is one of the most creative people I know. The website is great. Keep up the wonderful work 🧑‍🎨
Inger Paulsen - 24 Nov 2020
Judy makes art almost as masterfully as she makes children.
Travis Fairweather - 22 Nov 2020
Absolutely love Judy’s work!! I may have a bit of a prejudice towards her art work and skill as I am her niece! However, over the years I have loved attending Judys shows and markets to ensure I was able to purchase a few of her awesome creations!! Thanks for sharing your talents with us Judy!! ❤️
Irma Huebert - 21 Nov 2020
So cool that you’ve created this website. Beautiful art. Jason
Jason Thompson - 21 Nov 2020
Very nice Jude
Pat and Carole - 21 Nov 2020
Good for you, Judy! And good luck with your business endeavour!
Lorrie Kirchner - 21 Nov 2020
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